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Mission Statement

To help people get onto the “Road of Wellness”, one spine at a time. Chiropractic heals from the inside out, focusing on the nervous system for optimal function. Spiritually, mentally and physically, we want you to be healthy. Get Well, STAY Well.

About Chiropractic

Your brain sends and receives messages to and from the rest of your body, through your spinal cord. These messages are what tells your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your legs to walk. The spinal cord is surrounded and protected by the 24 moving bones of the spinal column.

Everything from turning, twisting, bending and lifting, to slips, falls, or heavy exertion can force the bones of the spine to kink or irritate the spinal cords and spinal nerves. This makes it hard for the messages from your brain to be heard by the rest of your body and can cause numbness, tingling and pain, not just in your back, but in any and all parts of the body.

Our job as chiropractors is to gently move the bones of your spine back into the correct position allowing your nervous system to return to normal function. This ‘adjustment’ can help eliminate the aches and pains you may be treating differently or not at all.

A correctly aligned spine empowers your immune system to function at maximum capacity, helping your body to naturally fight off illness, without the need for drugs or painkillers.

Instead of just masking your symptoms, Chiropractic addresses the cause of the problem.

Please call to schedule an appointment to acquaint you with our services. We want to help you and your family enjoy a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle.

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